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5 Facts About File Cabinet Safety Features

Tilt-Lock, the patented tilt control safety mechanism in lateral filing cabinets, is an important safety feature for office file cabinets and for office safety. Here are a few key facts that tell you all about this safety feature and what to look for.

  1. Tilt-Lock provides both anti-tip and anti-rebound safety features that prevent a drawer from pushing out once it's pushed in and locked, prevents more than one drawer being opened at once or from tipping over
  2. The safety feature can also be used in addition to and in conjunction with a security lock for an extra security measure. 
  3. The lock itself is space saving, as it doesn't take up any additional space inside the file cabinet drawer itself.
  4. The mechanism can be adapted for any filing cabinet with two or three channel progressive drawer slides. 
  5. When shopping for a used filing cabinet, make sure the its Tilt-Lock safety feature actually works to prevent any office hazards.

    Find quality used office filing cabinets at Bear Used Office Furniture where all file cabinets are guaranteed to work and have working Tilt-Lock safety features. Come see us today at our Long Island showroom.


How to Buy a Used, Recycled Filing Cabinet

Did you know if you bought a used filing cabinet that it's recycled? Not only that -- you're also making an effort in helping the environment. You'll reduce your carbon footprint and save money while you're at it, but there are some important questions to ask before you buy because not all used filing cabinets are worth the investment.

Is it sturdy?
Not all used file cabinets are going to be sturdy. Some may be too outdated or in poor condition in order to hold up for very long. They may be inexpensive now, but replacing them in the next couple of years may not be worth it.

Does it work?
This point almost seems obvious, but depending on where you source your filing cabinet from you don't always get a guarantee that it works. That's why it's important to buy from a reputable company that does offer a guarantee.

Is it safe?
Workplace hazards can be dangerous and expensive to your business. Be sure you have a safe office environment and make sure you buy filing cabinets with a safety locking feature. More importantly, make sure this feature works, especially when buying used!

What brand is it?
Brand names may not be that important to you in regard to filing cabinets, but you want to make sure the company or brand name is reputable and has a positive track record.

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Lateral Filing Cabinet Safety Tips for Your Office

Office safety first

A safe work environment is important to every business. With filing cabinets, this is even more so. Be sure to keep these safety tips in mind for your lateral filing cabinet purchases, office space planning and general office safety.

Safety features
It's imperative that your filing cabinets are armed with a Tilt Lock security features. This will prevent more than one drawer being open at once, which can help keep the filing cabinet from falling over. When you buy a used filing cabinet with this feature, you have to be sure that it in fact works!

Location and placement
Where you place your filing cabinet is also important. Keep them out of cramped or high-traffic areas. Consider how much space is needed to open the drawer with one person standing in front of the cabinet looking through the files while allowing enough space for traffic behind him/her.

File storage
Never stuff a lateral filing cabinet with too many files. Overstuffed file cabinet drawers can be difficult to search for files, which can potentially cause injuries, from paper cuts to wrist injuries. Not only that, but it also makes searching for files more difficult, which can cost you time and productivity.

Think first
When accessing a filing cabinet, be sure to look behind you when opening a drawer. When closing a file cabinet drawer, pay attention so you don't smash your fingers, which is a minor but common workplace injury.

Bear Used Office Furniture guarantees that all of its lateral filing cabinets have working Tilt Lock security features. Come in to find your safe filing cabinet today!


How to Save Office Space with Filing Cabinets

 Maximize your office space with filing cabinets

Every square foot of office space matters, so maximizing that space is important. Choosing a lateral filing cabinet can help you save space, which in turn, saves you money. An additional cost-saving idea can be buying a used filing cabinet, which will save you even more money.

Lateral filing cabinet features and benefits

  • Save floor space with a lateral filing cabinet. Your average lateral filing cabinet is 19 inches deep. A vertical filing cabinet is about 26 to 32 inches deep. A lateral filing cabinet will take up more wall space, but you can purchase a higher number of drawers in your lateral filing cabinet to maximize your vertical space in your office.

  • When you save space, you save more money. Coupled with buying a used filing cabinet, you will only increase your savings. Buy a used lateral filing cabinet if you're starting a new business or simply looking for a quick and easy way to minimize your office furniture expenses.

  • Measure your office and work area before you buy. Armed with specific dimensions, you will be able to find the right size and drawer count for your office.
Bring in your office measurements and find a used filing cabinet that will save you precious office space. Save money all around! Come see us today.


What Should Your Filing Cabinet Do for You?

The benefits of used lateral filing cabinets

You already know your office could use the extra filing storage provided by a filing cabinet, but before you buy you should know what exactly your filing cabinet should offer you. The following tips illustrate what your used filing cabinet can do for you. Be sure to read these before making a decision so you can find the perfect filing cabinet(s) for your office.

Your filing cabinet should...

  • Save you money. When you buy a used lateral filing cabinet, you can save a lot of money on your office furniture instead of buying new. No major upfront investment is needed!
  • Save you space. Using a lateral filing cabinet allows you to capitalize on your wall space so you get the most out of your office's square footage.
  • Keep your work space clutter free. When you have enough file storage space by using a filing cabinet, you have a much cleaner work space that allows you to concentrate on your job better. You also spend less time looking for important files when you keep it organized and filed away.
  • Keep your employees safe. Your filing cabinet should come with a safety mechanism to keep you and your employees safe, which is absolutely necessary when buying a used filing cabinet. Not all dealers offer a guarantee that it works, so find one that does.
  • Protect the environment. By buying a used rather than new metal filing cabinet, you're in essence recycling -- and the environment thanks you!

Bear Used Office Furniture offers you a guarantee on all of its used filing cabinets that not only function well but are also safe with a Tilt Lock mechanism. Come in and save today.


What to look for when buying metal office cabinets

Your filing cabinet checklist

If you’re about to buy used metal filing cabinets for your office for the first time, you may be asking yourself what you should be looking for. Making the decision to buy used filing cabinets and save yourself some money is a great start. These tips below will give you some points to consider when you’re looking for lateral filing cabinets and help you narrow down your choices.
  • Lateral filing cabinets can take up less office space. The average lateral filing cabinet is 19 inches deep, while the average vertical filing cabinet is 26 to 32 inches, which takes up more floor space. Try to go as high as you can with your lateral filing cabinets to use up your wall space. Doing so is the most economical way to use your office space.
  • Drawers on lateral filing cabinets give you easier access to a large amount of files.
  • What are the dimensions of the office or space for which you’re purchasing the filing cabinet for? This will determine the size of lateral filing cabinet to make sure it fits properly.
  • Find out if security features are available with your filing cabinet. It should come with a Tilt Lock security feature in order to be safe and secure.
  • Do looks matter in your office? Some dealer warehouses offer matching pieces of filing cabinets in decent looking condition that will allow a more pulled-together.
  • Be sure to look closely at and inspect any used filing cabinet to make sure it will hold up and last you as long as you need it to.

**Bear Used Office Furniture guarantees all of its file drawers are in working condition and also provides 2 years of additional guarantee under normal use.

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Why Buy Used Lateral Filing Cabinets?

Why buy used lateral filing cabinets instead of brand new ones? Actually, there are several excellent reasons why. Here, Bear Used Office Furniture gives you all the details on how your office can benefit.

1.) Pay a fraction of the cost by buying used lateral filing cabinets compared to the cost of brand new ones.
2.) Get a great deal on top brands and save a lot of money on your investment.
3.) Get a lateral filing cabinet in fabulous working condition at a great value.
4.) Be mindful of the environment and buy used lateral filing cabinets!

Why buy used filing cabinets from Bear Used Office Furniture?

For all of the above reasons and more. We also ensure that your lateral filing cabinets will work, guaranteed. You'll find a wide selection of reliable brands you can trust and will be able to inspect the filing cabinets before you buy. We can also deliver and install the filing cabinets to you in NYC Metro.

Come see our great selection of used lateral filing cabinets and find hot deals every day at a fraction of buying new!